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An image of the Logitech Scribe in front of a white background. The camera lens is pointing towards the left-hand side of the frame.

Logitech Scribe


Effortlessly bring physical whiteboards into virtual meetings with Logitech Scribe, an AI-powered whiteboard camera designed by Logitech to ensure all participants in a meeting can feel involved in the conversation.

Give remote attendees a better view

With a custom lens and built-in AI technology, Scribe makes it easy to share in-room whiteboard content in video meetings. Now, everyone can get a clear view of whiteboard annotations and participate equally in real-time collaboration, regardless of their location.

Scribe works with any whiteboard surface and in any size meeting space, making it a great addition to enhance your existing setup. Making your in-room whiteboard sessions accessible to all fosters collaboration between in-person and remote participants, bridging the gap between the two groups to create an inclusive and equitable meeting environment.

An image split vertically down the middle into two sections. On the left-hand side, there is an image of a woman in a meeting room drawing on a whiteboard. A Logitech Scribe is mounted on the wall above the whiteboard and a share button is mounted next to the whiteboard. On the right-hand side, there is an image of a video call on a desktop screen. The video call shows a clear view of what the woman in the meeting room is drawing on the whiteboard.


AI-powered features

Scribe doesn’t just capture what is on the whiteboard; it also enhances content, making it easier to see. Packed with AI functionality, the whiteboard camera automatically detects both written and other forms of content placed on a whiteboard, such as sticky notes, and boosts their colour and contrast for optimal clarity.

A short video of a laptop screen showing the Logitech Scribe presenter removal AI feature in action during a video call. On the other end of the call, shown on the laptop screen, a presenter in the room is using a whiteboard. As they point to a bar graph drawn on the whiteboard, their hand and arm appear semi-transparent. The graph remains visible, allowing remote participants to clearly observe the whiteboard content as the presenter moves their arm.

Content enhancement AI also reduces glare, crops whiteboard edges and corrects the whiteboard perspective so that remote participants can get the best view possible.

AI helps keep the focus where it needs to be and ensures remote participants get an unobstructed view of the whiteboard. Scribe will make the writer’s hand semi-transparent, or completely remove it from the frame, to minimise distractions.

A short video of a laptop screen showing the Logitech Scribe sticky note detection and content enhancement AI features in action during a video call. On the other end of the call, shown on the laptop screen, a presenter in the room is using the whiteboard. The presenter places a sticky note on the in-room whiteboard, and it is displayed on the video call for remote participants to see. Subsequently, the colour and contrast of the sticky note are enhanced for better visibility.

Tap to share

Scribe is simple to use and works with any whiteboard surface and dry-erase markers. Quickly share whiteboard content into a video meeting with Logitech’s meeting room touch controller, Logitech Tap, and start a collaborative brainstorming session instantly. Alternatively, use the included wireless share button for one-touch sharing*.

*Note: The included wireless share button is not currently compatible with Google Meet Hardware but can be used with various other video conferencing platforms. See the latest information on share button compatibility here.

Flexible installation

Scribe’s clean, wall-mounted design and smart cable management system make installation a breeze. Securely mount the camera to a variety of wall surfaces using the included installation kit and route the cabling up, down or through a wall for a sleek, clutter-free look.

Compatibility with Logitech Room Solutions for Google Meet

Scribe is fully compatible with existing Logitech Room Solutions for Google Meet. See the full range here.

What’s in the box

  • Logitech Scribe
  • Share button
  • Dongle transceiver
  • Power supply
  • 2x 5m (16.4ft) Cat5e cables
  • Camera installation kit

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