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Google Meet Series One: Small Room Kit

Google Meet Series One: Small Room Kit

€3.310,00 €4.835,00

Introducing Series One, the Lenovo solution for Google Meet.

People-first meetings

Made exclusively for Google Meet — in partnership with Lenovo — Series One meeting room kits continue to deliver on Google's commitment to innovative and immersive meeting experiences that help people feel like they’re working together, not just meeting together.

Audio acumen

The Smart Audio Bar uses onboard Google Edge TPUs to deliver TrueVoice® a proprietary, multi-channel noise cancellation technology that removes unwanted sounds and crystallises human voices for a balanced, high fidelity experience.


People Perfect

A true 4K camera with large image sensor provides PTZ effects (pan, tilt, zoom) digitally so that participants are framed clearly — and automatically — using powerful Google AI.


Complete Compute

Made just for Google Meet with an Intel i7 processor and Google Edge TPUs built-in, the Compute System is made to handle the taxing demands of video conferencing along with running the latest in Google AI as efficiently and reliably as possible.

Effortless Expansion

Expanding kits for larger rooms can be done with just an ethernet cable and the tappable Mic Pod, which expands microphone reach and allows for mute/unmute control.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

With only the Google Meet Compute System requiring AC power, the system components are connected using the included, colour-coded ethernet cables to reduce clutter, cost, and installation time. An add-on Audio Bar and additional Mic Pods are daisy-chained to make expanding the system as easy as possible.


The TrueVoice® Difference

Powered by onboard Google Edge TPUs, TrueVoice is groundbreaking audio isolation technology that identifies sounds and voices. In real-time, Google AI eliminates the distracting sounds like keyboard typing, phone vibrations, and crinkling snack packaging while amplifying human voices for consistent volume regardless of their proximity to the microphones. It’s crystal clear audio for participants with less distraction and meeting fatigue.

What do I get?

The Series One Small Room Kit includes:

  • Google Meet Compute System
  • Remote Control
  • Smart Camera
  • Smart Audio Bar
  • First year's licence, including management and support fee

A Google Workspace licence is required on your domain in order to use Google Meet Hardware. If you're unsure whether you have or need Google Workspace, ask us and we'd be happy to talk.


Please contact us for further information at info.eu@GeckoTech.cloud, including for delivery quotations for European locations.

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